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CARE Quarterly Update December 2019 – Global Overview

Global Economic Growth Slowed US central bank

CARE Quarterly Update September 2019 – Exciting Life, Boring Money……and not the other way around.

Financial markets ebbed and flower over the quarter in line with news on the trade war between the US and china. 

Hatch Financial Planning - August 2019

It’s August and we are into the final month of an unusually balmy winter, after a record run of...

CARE Quarterly Update June 2019 – Exciting Life, Boring Money……and not the other way around.

Bond, share and listed property markets had a strong quarter to June 2019. The G20 Summit and the ongoing trade war between the US and China dominated financial market movements.

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - July 2019

It’s July and temperatures are falling across the country. It may be chilly Downunder but Aussie women are on fire in the northern hemisphere, with Ash Barty, Sally Fitzgibbons and Hannah Green victorious in tennis, surfing and golf. Read more ...

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter April 2019

Growing concerns about a slowdown in global economic growth preoccupied financial markets in...

Autumn 2019

After one of the hottest summers on record, many Australians will welcome Autumn and the opportunity to be more active outdoors and perhaps get busy in the garden. There will be no let-up in the heat on the political and economic front though, with the Budget and a Federal election looming.

CARE Quarterly Update December 2018 – Exciting Life, Boring Money……and not the other way around.

The odds of recession have receded greatly although they have not gone completely.

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - January 2019

Happy New Year to all our valued clients! Whether you are still relaxing on your summer break or back at work, we wish you and your families a happy and prosperous 2019.

Hatch Financial Planning - October 2018

October is here, which means football fever and the holiday long weekend are behind us as we enter the final stretch towards Christmas. It’s traditionally a busy time for households and on the business and economic scene, as we prepare for the end of another year.

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter – Spring 2018

September is upon us and spring is in the air. Our farmers and firefighters will be hoping for some soaking rain to ease the drought and ward off bushfires. Meanwhile, AFL and NRL fans will be hoping the sun shines on their team this finals season.

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter – July 2018

As the financial year ended, Australian investors had reason to be optimistic despite ongoing global tensions. Our economy grew 1 per cent in the March quarter, lifting the annual growth rate from 2.4 to 3.1 per cent, marking 27 consecutive years of growth. Unemployment eased from 5.6 per cent to 5.4 per cent in May while inflation is a benign 1.9 per cent. The cash rate remains at a record low of 1.5 per cent while the 10-year government bond yield finished the year little changed at around 2.6 per cent.

Its Time to Talk About Debt

Australia’s household debt is among the highest in the world and rising, thanks largely to worsening housing affordability and plentiful consumer credit. So how do we measure up and should we be worried?

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - April 2018

It’s April already and as we head back to work after Easter we hope you enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing holiday weekend. April is generally a quiet month on the national stage as the Government prepares for the May Budget.

Are you worried about your Financial Advisor in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission

Are you concerned that all of your investments are tied up in the advisors banks products? Are you doubtful that the advice you have received is in your best interests or the best interest of your bank?

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - Winter 2018

Australia’s national economic agenda in May was dominated by the Federal Budget and the promise of tax cuts. Consumers rode a wave of optimism until the final week of May when the ANZ/Roy Morgan consumer confidence index fell for the first time in 7 weeks, down 3.2 per cent to 117.7. Confidence is up 4.3 per cent this year, with the late pull-back attributed to a cooler sharemarket, rising fuel prices and on-again off-again US-North Korea peace talks.

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - Autumn 2018

Autumn is here, and not a moment too soon after a prolonged heatwave over summer. The Winter...

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - March 2018

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - March 2018

At the start of another New Year we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. Whether...

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - Summer2018

It’s December and the countdown to Christmas and the summer holidays has begun. But before we...

Hatch Financial Planning Newsletter - October 2017

October is here after the record-breaking heat of September and all the signs point to a hot...