Our role is to put you in the best position to enjoy life and or face its challenges when they arise.  However there is nothing more pleasing than than a client recommending our services or going to the trouble to write a thank you letter. 

Here are a few of those client "thank you" messages we have received over time:

 Shane Hatch has been my financial advisor now for more than 25 years. He has been working with me to achieve my goals of financial independence. He has always been prompt with communications and questions and laid a foundation upon which I will now look to retire upon. Highly recommend.

- Leigh Bartlett

 We have been dealing with Shane and the team for almost 10 years and are well on the way to achieving our financial goals. They have been very easy to deal with.

- Kim Brown

 I have been a client of Shane's for approximately 15 years and during this time he has provided me with information and knowledge for me to make the most appropraite decisions for my future, which I have achieved.
I would, and do, strongly recommend Shane to all my friends and family

- Chris Elliott

 Shane has been looking after our personal finances for more than 10 years. He is easy to talk to and explains the logic behind his financial advice in relatable terms. He has also helped align our business decisions with our personal financial plan.

- Malcolm Brooke

 We have used Shane's services at Hatch Financial Planning for nearly 15 years to transition from our working life into a comfortable retirement due in large part to his advice and assistance. Shane has broad financial and associated knowledge to assist in attaining your financial goals and to set you up for a happy retirement. He explains things clearly and the steps needed to reach your goals. He is readily available during your emergencies and we have the utmost faith in his advice, knowledge and integrity in setting our positive financial future. Also, Shane is a personable guy that is easy to talk with to make this service even better. You can't go wrong to talk to Shane at Hatch Financial Planning.


 Shane has provided personal financial guidance and helped me with advice in support of third parties in the last year or so. He has a deep commitment to values-based financial advice and investing which produce superior financial and non-financial results for clients. Shane has a great ambition to provide a select group of clients with all the financial and lifestyle support that might only be available to the super wealthy through family offices. Those that have the opportunity to have Shane as their adviser, colleague and friend are fortunate. Thanks, Shane!

- Ian Sampson

 Shane has helped and supported me over the past 6 years to make informed and smart choices about managing my money. This now allows me to do the things I want to do including travel, choose how I use my time and support my son to pursue his interests and goals.Listening to Shane's advice and acting on it has put me in a financial position I would not have anticipated and it is the best thing I have done. I sleep at night knowing my investments are sound and are working for me.

- Jane Woodland

 Shane is a detail-oriented adviser. He cares deeply for his clients and provides them with the highest value proposition in the financial industry. He travels around the world to get trained by the best. This allows him to provide the best possible service for his clients so they have a 10 level of confidence that no matter what happens in the market, economy or the world that they will have the highest probability in achieving their goals. You will be blown away by the value you receive in working with his team.

- Jeff Krahl

 Shane has an honest and amicable personality displaying a high work ethic. I would recommend him to clients seeking his professional advice.

- Sonya Treble

 Shane strengths for listening and understanding his clients makes him stand out from the crowd. His niche business is tailored to suit his clients needs, desires and their financial growth. Shane is passionate about his business, his clients and personal life. There is not "CANT" in Shane's life, "Its how can I help?"

- Amy Morrison